WHY First Impression?

"First Impression by Bhavna Jasra" is enterpreneurel venture and very unique concept. Formally trained in the U.K. during my pregnancy, i launched this concept in India on the 11th day of my daughter Tia's birth, 13 years ago.

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3D Baby Hand & Foot Casting

The keen desire to get the 3D baby hand & foot casting can be felt the moment you hold your bundle of joy in your arms for the first time. Just the touch of your baby’s tiny hands & feet fills your heart with love & care & nothing else can compare with this feeling. The moment seems so cherished that you wished the time stood still. The beautiful feeling of becoming a parent brings great happiness along with extreme responsibility & you feel so ready to enjoy it all. First Impression specializes in providing best hand & foot casting services that help you preserve this precious moment forever.

Why choose First Impression for 3D baby hand & foot Casting ?

There is no better way to preserve the feel of the tiny hands & feet of your babies. Our concept involves 3D baby hand & foot casting & lets you preserve that beautiful moment forever. These baby hand & feet casts are set in a beautiful frame so you & your child can look back at it later in life & cherish this moment when he stepped into this world to became yours forever. First the impression taking process of casting is done using a hypoallergenic & a non-toxic impression mousse. This is so safe that it can be used for the baby on ‘day one’ of birth itself making sure you have those priceless tiny 3D baby footprints. These impressions are then used to make baby hand & foot casts with different metal finishes of your choice & framed to make your very special masterpiece. Our premium range in this collection is called the "Royal Baby Series" & these special edition frames are only available with only the gold finished impressions. Embellished with original Swarovski figurines to match the expressions of the 3D baby hands & feet casts of the little darlings set on a silk backdrop, it does not get better than this!! The child's name plaque is also made with Swarovski crystals & all comes with the original product guarantee from Swarovski. The frames are dressed with Swarovski butterflies, teddy bears or the child's most favorite Disney figurines. This is most certainly the luxury to splurge on! The concepts shown below are some of the masterpieces that can be created with these 3D baby hand & foot castings. However since each concept is bespoke you can create them exactly how you want them.

Please browse through the Baby Hand and Feet Impression concepts in our showcase.

Once you hold them in your arms the touch of your baby's hands & feet is a feel you want to cherish in your heart forever. The 3D casts of these tight fists & crouched toes can be made safely even as early as day one of birth.

Cast the timeless impressions of your little one's hands & feet as they take their steps in life. Whether it's a palm making a high 'five' or putting their best 'foot' forward, make sure you have it captured for them, to go down memory lane with you when they grow up.