WHY First Impression?

"First Impression by Bhavna Jasra" is enterpreneurel venture and very unique concept. Formally trained in the U.K. during my pregnancy, i launched this concept in India on the 11th day of my daughter Tia's birth, 13 years ago.

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FAQs mentioned below will be helpful in understanding our concept & its nuances.

What is 3D Casting ?

3D casting is an art-form where impressions of body parts (mainly hands & feet) of babies, children & adults are taken in a specialized impression mousse & 3D sculptures are developed from these. Hence 3D casting is a way to replicate your loved ones hands and feet in an exact life sized replica so that you can treasure them as keepsakes or memories to be cherished over the years.

What purpose do they serve ?

Memories of our loved ones are a very important part of our lives. To preserve these we click pictures, make videos & create albums. 3D casting is a very beautiful extension in preserving the actual feel of the relationship. Where it is the joy of feeling the tiny baby hands & feet or the love we feel when we hold the hand of our loved one taking the vows of togetherness in life or the reverence that we feel when we bow to take the blessings of our elders, these mementos never let us forget how lovely we felt then as they freeze that beautiful moment in time for us.

Where can I get this 3D Casting done?

Please call / email / message us & we will be happy to make your masterpiece for you.

What is the procedure ?

You can have the impression taking process done in the comfort of your own home for which a home visit at no extra charge is arranged by booking a prior appointment. This process of taking the impressions takes as little as 10 minutes including preparation time. The impressions are taken in an impression mousse by immersing the hands & feet in it for just 30 seconds (for a single impression). This material is safe enough to be used on a one-day old baby as well & is non-toxic, non allergenic & totally baby-friendly. Once the mousse sets, the hand or foot slips out of the mould very easily with no residue left on the skin. The 3D casts for baby, couple, family and adults are made of casting stone / resin & have a pure metallic finish over them. These 3d hand & foot casting are then framed to make beautiful keepsakes. Pictures used in the frame have to be provided by the client however we also offer a creative stylized photography service that is charged extra. The final framed product is delivered within 4 weeks after taking the impressions, however a quicker delivery time of 2 weeks is also available at an extra charge. The frames are handed over in Mumbai only & have to be hand carried back by the client to their final destination as they are very delicate in nature. However delivery to the final destination outside Mumbai can be arranged at an extra charge.

What are the charges of 3d casting?

There are several ranges available for each of our concepts & the charges depend on age, metal finish & framing option chosen.

Does the material used in the process have any chance of creating rashes, allergies or have any kind of side effects?

The material (impression mousse) is imported from Italy & complies with the highest quality & safety standards. It is safe enough to be used on a one-day old baby as well & is non-toxic, non allergenic & totally baby & child friendly. Very reputed hospitals like the Ambani Hospital, Hinduja Hospital & Apollo Hospital that have display galleries of our work have endorsed this & deemed it safe to be used on the babies born in their care.

What if I am not based in Mumbai and still want to get it done?

We have 6 franchises (Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad) in the country & the artist Bhavna Jasra herself travels to these cities periodically & takes the impressions herself. In case you are from a city other than the ones that she travels to, all you need to do is get some more of your friends interested to book orders. The airfare & other logistical costs will be divided equally among the number of clients.

How can I choose the concept that I would like to order?

You may browse through my website www.firstimpressionindia.com to see my work & my work profile.

What is the delivery time period?

Normally if you’re ready with the concept idea & pictures needed for the frame, we can deliver within 2 – 3 weeks. Frames with special customization can take up to 4 weeks to deliver.

Are these like baby hand & feet imprints ?

These concepts are not imprints (which are 2D) taken as a depression on clay or plaster of paris which are very toxic & harmful materials, but are actual 3D casts of baby hands & feet that are developed from taking 3D impressions in a very safe impression mousse.

Can I have my 3D casts without a frame?

Yes you can as we have alternate displays too. However considering the nature of the casts & that the fact that their finish can be ruined by dust & moisture over a period of time, we strongly recommend that the casts are framed.

What is the payment term?

For orders in Mumbai, 50% is payable at the time of the casting session. The balance is due on collection. However for cities other than Mumbai, 100% is collected at the time of booking the order.

Can I change the finish of the cast or the frame itself at a later time ?

Yes you can, but the charges applicable at that time will apply.

How can I gift this concept ?

Gift vouchers for these concepts are available for different values for different concepts. U may purchase a gift voucher for the value that you’re comfortable gifting with & your friend (the receiver) is free to top up & choose the range that she would like to go for.

What is I want multiple casts of the same person?

Each cast is produced from an original mould that can only be used once to produce one single cast. Therefore if you want additional casts you will have to inform the artist well before the time of the casting session as additional impressions will have to be taken for which the artist will have to be equipped with extra material & containers in which the impressions are taken.

When is the best age for making the 3D baby hand & foot casting ?

It is advisable to make the 3D baby hand & foot casts in the earlier months after birth as babies have definitive sleep pattern then. Impressions taken while the baby is fast asleep are very calm & beautiful as the baby offers no resistance to the process. However if the sleep pattern is not predicable, then taking the impressions soon after the baby is fed or even during taking the feed is advised as the baby is engrossed in the feed & is usually very calm then. Hence planning the time of taking the impressions is crucial for the 3D baby hand & foot cast process.

What if I cancel after the mould has been taken?

As the impression has been taken and the raw material has been used, the advance collected will not be refunded or adjusted.