WHY First Impression?

"First Impression by Bhavna Jasra" is enterpreneurel venture and very unique concept. Formally trained in the U.K. during my pregnancy, i launched this concept in India on the 11th day of my daughter Tia's birth, 13 years ago.

On The Go
  • Address:Unit 1, Prabhadevi Industrial Estate,
    408 V.S Marg, opp Sidhivinayak Temple.,
    Sayani Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai,
    Maharashtra 400025.
  • Phone:+91 9821051115
  • Phone: +91 98733752772
  • Email: bhavna@impressionindia.com

Picture Wall

Memories is what makes a life worth living. They warm you up from inside and remind you of a time that may have gone by but will forever live in your heart. With our ‘Picture Wall’ concept capture these memories beautifully and let them light your home up with positivity & love. May you forever keep making memories and adding to your picture wall.