WHY First Impression?

"First Impression by Bhavna Jasra" is enterpreneurel venture and very unique concept. Formally trained in the U.K. during my pregnancy, i launched this concept in India on the 11th day of my daughter Tia's birth, 13 years ago.

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That moment you first laid eyes on your little baby & when you held your bundle of joy in your arms for the first time, it seemed so cherished, that you wish time stood still.

The beautiful feeling of becoming a newly minted parent brings great happiness along with extreme responsibity & you are so ready to enjoy it all. Just holding your baby’s tiny hands & feet fills your heart with love & care & nothing else can compare with this feeling.

‘Eternal Innocence’ is our concept that lets you preserve that moment beautifully & forever. Tiny casts of the baby’s hands & feet are set in a beautiful frame for your child to look back later on & cherish that moment when he stepped into this world & became yours forever. The process of taking the impressions is done using a hypo-allergenic & a non-toxic impression mousse, so safe that it can be used for the baby on ‘day one’ of birth itself, making sure you have those priceless tiny casts.

Once you hold them in your arms the touch of your baby's hands & feet is a feel you want to cherish in your heart forever. The 3D casts of these tight fists & crouched toes can be made safely even as early as day one of birth.

Cast the timeless impressions of your little one's hands & feet as they take their steps in life. Whether it's a palm making a high 'five' or putting their best 'foot' forward, make sure you have it captured for them, to go down memory lane with you when they grow up.

If you waited to have the impressions done of both your darlings together or you were blessed with twins, we have those special concepts that celebrate this everlasting bond that you want your children & you to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Hold your child's hands in yours & set a cast celebrating the most beautiful relationship. This clasped impression is a reminder of your care, protection & love that will guide your angel through the milestones in their life.

If you have missed out on capturing the tiny hands & toes of your kiddies then here is a winning concept. A caricature of your child (5 years or older) painted on canvas with an impression of a hand or fist or foot superimposed in the image, making it a show stopper for his or her room. Be it a palm giving a 'high five', or a foot giving a 'karate kick', a 'victory sign' after a sporting win or a 'fist' taking flight like a superhero...we make it all.