WHY First Impression?

"First Impression by Bhavna Jasra" is enterpreneurel venture and very unique concept. Formally trained in the U.K. during my pregnancy, i launched this concept in India on the 11th day of my daughter Tia's birth, 13 years ago.

On The Go
  • Address:Unit 1, Prabhadevi Industrial Estate,
    408 V.S Marg, opp Sidhivinayak Temple.,
    Sayani Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai,
    Maharashtra 400025.
  • Phone:+91 9821051115
  • Phone: +91 98733752772
  • Email: bhavna@impressionindia.com

Reward & Recognition

This concept makes an exclusive memorabilia for someone special who has achieved excellence in their respective field & you want to celebrate that occassion with them.
Being an integral part of this gift they would give it place of pride & cherish it dearly. Weighing it over any other gift that they could possibly receive will ensure that you have made your mark!!