WHY First Impression?

"First Impression by Bhavna Jasra" is enterpreneurel venture and very unique concept. Formally trained in the U.K. during my pregnancy, i launched this concept in India on the 11th day of my daughter Tia's birth, 13 years ago.

On The Go
  • Address:Unit 1, Prabhadevi Industrial Estate,
    408 V.S Marg, opp Sidhivinayak Temple.,
    Sayani Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai,
    Maharashtra 400025.
  • Phone:+91 9821051115
  • Phone: +91 98733752772
  • Email: bhavna@impressionindia.com

Together Forever

Celebrate the everlasting bond of your relationship with this symbol of timeless commitment.
Be it a spouse, parent, sibling or anyone you share a special bond with, nothing displays the intimacy of your relationship better than this.

If you waited to have the impressions done of both your darlings together or you were blessed with twins, we have those special concepts that celebrate this everlasting bond that you want your children & you to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Hold your child's hands in yours & set a cast celebrating the most beautiful relationship. This clasped impression is a reminder of your care, protection & love that will guide your angel through the milestones in their life.

Be it holding hands on your wedding day, anniversary or for loves's sake, nothing displays the intimacy of the realtionship better than this one. Celebrate the bond of togetherness & love for a lifetime. Special editions (ideal for gifting) made for weddings, silver & golden anniversaries with a collage of pictures taking you through the journey of special moments in your life.